It’s no secret that AAPL …..


Earning is out and AAPL sees another quarter of double-digit growth. But ……

  1.  Apple shipped approximately 26 million iPhone units during the June quarter. Analysts were expecting a little more than 28 million units shipped for the period.
  2. Revenue rose 23% to $35 billion, which also fell below analysts’ estimates of $37 Billion.
  3. The iPhone and iPad maker reported fiscal third-quarter net income of $8.8 billion, or $9.32 a share, up from $7.31 billion, or $7.79 a share, a year earlier. But this missed the estimates as well. The analysts were expecting $10.37.

Finally the almighty AAPL missed the estimates and the shares tanked. But please do not compare apple Inc. with other tech growth stories because AAPL still sports a P/E of 13 compared to 184 of Amazon Inc and 50 of VMW.

The question is where do we re-enter apple so that Iphone 5 bonanza is not missed.

  • I see two entry points – $555 and $520. So I suggest that you split your $$$$ into two parts and then invest.
  • I personally split my money into 3 parts – Now, $555 and $520.

Lastly the domino effect of AAPL miss will be felt by – SWKS, CRUS, QCOM, OVTI and TQNT. Did I miss anything?