Top Performing Stocks in Last 3 Months

Some of prime criteria used to filter these stocks are – the outstanding earnings growth (annually or quarterly) and revenue growth annually. I also restricted the price change to 35%.

The reason for filtering out this universe of stocks –

Next time when the market corrects some of these stocks will either buck the trend or bounce off the 50 DMA. The stocks that withstand the BEAR will go sideways with movement at least 1.5 times the market correction. I don’t need to explain the technicalities of 50 DMA bounce. So make a list of these stocks and wait for Mr. Market to take a breather.




Portfolio as of 08/03/2012

With almost nothing on the side, we move into a new week. Cash = 15%. Portfolio as of 7/28/2012

I still see opportunities such as LNKD@$102, MELI @$81, TDC@75.1, ROST@65, DKS@52, HIBB@63  and UTHR@52.1.

JPM=3% (Entered at $33.9)

DG = 5% (Enetered at $51)

TFM=5% (Entered at $59.5)

WWWW=3% (Entered at $17.5 AND Will add more after $20)

STX = 3% (Might add more depending on OCZ acquisition and today’s results). Why Did I buy?

EMC = 4% (Expect it to reach $29.5) . Reasons of purchase.

AAPL = 4% (Set more buy @ $569)

WDC = 6% (Expect it to reach $49.5) Why Did I buy?

QCOM=5% (Expect it to reach $69, if it stays over $59 for few more days) Why Did I buy?


HAL =5% (Expect it to reach $40) Reasons

UA=3% (Set additional buys @ $54.9) Reasons of purchase.

SCSS=2% (Set additional buys at $25.9) Reasons of purchase.

SWKS=4% (Will add more at $25.9) Reasons of purchase.

EQIX=5% Reasons of purchase.

ALLT=4% — Will it miss next quarter’s earnings?

ALXN=6% Reasons

FFIV =3% (In Red) Reasons

F=5% (In Red) — Worst Mistake Ever

TLT=2% (Sold most TLT last week)

Bernanke does it again!

There is just too much to write. So I will split this post into two – Bernanke and Non-Bernanke (vis-a-vis the earnings).

After being down 82 points in the early going the Dow reversed course and closed 78 points higher on Tuesday. Wow! Then the Nasdaq surged 1.1% as the technology sector led the market today.

The reversal was due to Fed Bernanke’s testimony this morning that the Fed is willing to do what it takes if the economy and labor markets do not improve.  He expects historically low rates to remain in place at least until the end of 2014 and most importantly he convinced the participants that the policymakers at the central bank seem to be preparing for additional moves to spur the economy in the weeks or months ahead.

This low interest rate environment should help stem any serious correction in the market averages.

So, where does yesterday’s trading action leave us now? First, I don’t think that this is a short squeeze anymore. Second, yesterday qualified as a decent follow through day from Friday’s key reversal which is a positive development.

Moreover, the basing action in some stocks and the sector rotation is almost clear now. One last thing to notice is that the junta seems to have realized that the tech and oil & gas stocks have been beaten to death. See below –

In fact we see rise or less “severe” damage to stocks even after the poor guidance.

  1. To exemplify, look at the the turn around in STX after it pre-announced a revenue miss by 0.5 Billion dollars (seriously!) or even QCOM which reported fiscal Q3 revenue and earnings per share a little light of consensus, and a Q4 view below analysts’ estimates.
  2. And of course an earnings beat is amply getting rewarded. e.g. MLNX – up 43% after hours, SCSS – up 17% after hours and SWKS – up 10% after hours.

So step in but be cautious.

Food for thought –

  • FDA approves Vivus’s diet pill (ABC)
  • Over 70% of earnings beating estimates (REU)




Portfolio as of 5/2/2012

STX – 4% (Sold some today)

WDC – 7%

APA – 6% (Super Long Term)

QCOM – 6%  (Super Long Term)

ALLT – 5% ( Added some more after recent earnings)

GNC – 5%

FFIV – 7%  (Super Long Term)

URI – 7%

HAL – 6%  (Super Long Term)

VMW – 7%  ( Long Term)

TXRH – 3% (Initiated Yesterday)

UA – 3% ( Stop set at $93 and will add if it goes above $103)

TLT – 6%

F – 7%  (Super Long Term)

SWI – 3% ( Will add more around $43.9)

PCLN – 3% (Took significant profit off the table recently)  (Long Term)

CASH – 10%

Stocks which make up less than 5% of PORTFOLIO might be sold or added based on criteria, market condition, etc. I am very nimble and hence very low turn around time.

Shorts in the Making – GMCR, DECK, NFLX and Double Top!

Let’s quickly look at some of the stocks. PLease enlarge the images to get the entry points.

ON 5/3/2012 – I initiated a short of decker at $54.7 – 3% position. Stop loss is set at $57

On 5/3/2012 – with stop loss set at $31, I initiated a short of GMCR at $29.5.

Lastly, why so many shorts – DOUBLE TOP in the making?

How, When and Why I jumped a ship named Herbalife – HLF

Last few days have shown why trading momo stocks can be as dangerous as rope walking  in Nepal –

Check out the charts of – DECK, NFLX, GMCR, HLF, SCSS, etc. You think that it cant get uglier then this – Oh! you are so wrong.

Decker is going below $50, GMCR is going below $20, rest are also staring at slide if not doom. These all were once the darling of Wall Street.

Anyways I have owned quite a few of them myself and fortunately, most of the times I have been on the right side, the correct side.

Herbalife was my favourite for sometime –

Amazing quarterly profits and surprises – quarter after quarter, year after year. An excellent CANSLIM, IBD50 candidate. I  bought it after Feb 21st earnings beat at $64.3. It was a beautiful break out.

Rode it till 70s and started taking profits.

  1. Market started to slow down and
  2. all other leaders started going sideways.

so I took 60-70% profit off the table.

On April 30th , it delivered another stellar earning. It beat street by almost 10% but the guidance for Q3 was just inline with consensus.

Stock started correction, but I left a buy order for HLF at $68.5 untouched. These stocks tend to bounce off 50DMA and the report wasn’t as bad as Decker’s report. The stock purchase happened at $68.4. But in morning the tide seemed to have changed.

  1. Stock breached the 50 DMA on heavy volume and
  2. It ripped through the previous support.

Both these event signaled selling by institution had begun. So I bailed out. See a screenshot of actual account trades for 5/1/2012.

Moral of the story is – Never hope and never bring emotion in trading. There is no room for oops!


If you plan on entering HLF, I would suggest that you wait. I think HLF might go lower if $50 is breached. This is not the first time people have had negative opinion about HLF. It seems that they really dont have any product – just a marketing company. Moreover Mr. Einhorn does not have a dubious record.

Remember stock price is a speculation of what is going to happen in future. We have plenty of examples as mentioned above such as GMCR, NFLX, DECK,etc.

Dont just blindly follow IBD50. IBD50 is primarily a stock list with fundamentally good companies that are showing good RS (relative Strength). It will just take them one issue to drop the stock from the list but by that time damage will be done to your portfolio.

Lastly if market tells you something then we need to respect it.

There are plenty of companies, which are doing good such as ALLT, TXRH, GNC, WWWW, CRUS etc. Of couse we have oldies that are ready to BO – LULU, ALXN, ULTA, TSCO, UA, URI, etc.

Good Luck!

Coach (COH) – An old school short!

Coach beat Wall Street estimates as sales in China continue to boom, but shares sold off amid concerns about slowing North American growth. North American same-store sales rose 6.7% vs. the year earlier, down from 8.8% in the prior quarter and slightly below some estimates.

The luxury handbag and accessories maker said Tuesday that profit rose 24% to 77 cents per share, the third straight quarter of double-digit EPS growth. Analysts expected 75 cents. Sales increased 17% to $1.11 billion, just above estimates of $1.10 billion.

This leaves COH with a broken neck line on heavy volume – an old school move (head and shoulder). This kind of technical move signifies turnaround in a uptrend.  Even though the Asia-Pacific story of this stock is intact, temporarily there is a 10% downside. This trade’s risk to reward ratio is low. So short the stock.

  1. Initiate a short at $72.1
  2. Double it up at $73
  3. Set the stop-loss at $74.1
  4. Cover the short at $65.

Remember the stock as good support at $65-$66. See below. Good luck!