Sans investing life –

I am data mining expert. I live in Austin. I am also doing MBA from Kellogg School of Management,

The information on this site is solely my opinion and nothing has been audited till date. I am not a financial advisor and hence the stocks that I mention here can lose money. Again, these stocks are not recommendations.

Now all things investing

I have been investing for over Seven years and have gone through booms, busts and flat cycles of market. Decent experience in short duration!

What kind of investor am I

I am a long-term investor and my trades can last from few weeks to years. Only when I short a stock, I tend to behave like a day trader. I would actually categorize myself as trend investor. I don’t try to catch the bottom (falling knife blah! blah!) but I definitely like to get in on break outs and certain technical flags, if Mr. Market is in agreement. I don’t chase stocks and I try my best not to fall in love with stocks (I told ya – been there done that;)).

I am an avid student of market and analyze almost all of the trades that I make, especially the ones that went belly up. I have gone through the stocks the fundamentals and technicals of most of the successful stocks over last 10 years. Still, I have made mistakes and lots of them during the journey. I strive to not to repeat them.

I have rules – both Fundamental and Technical that govern my investments.

So where/how do I apply the rules

1. Technicals are primarily pattern recognition and I use both Stockcharts.com & Telechart.com (I have written 30 odd programs to pick technically sound stocks)
2. Fundamental testing is done on Morningstar.com and Marketsmith.com (four times a year post-earnings season I buy monthly subscription of Marketsmith)

The goal of my investments are to cut the losses short and let the winners run the course. At any point of time I have 20+ stocks in my portfolio.

So why I am writing this blog

Over last few years I have generated returns ranging from 5% Annually to 50% Annually. I am trying to improve my trades and one of the key piece that I have learnt is to document the reason of the trades (Jesse Livmore & Jim Rogers et al). The objective of this blog is to track all the trades that I make, reasons for the transaction and talk about the trend of over all market.

Frequency of Updates –

Going forward I will be updating the blog every Sunday and all the trades/suggestions will show up on promptly on twitter @sumeetvats.

Please feel free to trade with me and stick with the rules. One thing – please leave your emotions in the other room. Lastly, I wont recommend you a stock if I am not putting my hard earned money in it.

Welcome to my trading room!!!


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