New Year, New Fervor!!

Phew! Now that I am almost  done with my MBA applications I am ready to get back to the investing. Honestly, even through the arduous process of writing and rewriting the essays, I did not pause investing. But before we delve into our mundane business let’s give a round of applause to the salvage act of politicians. Please accept our “Thanks” but “No Thanks”!!!

Thanks – because Obama could return to Hawaii in peace; and No Thanks – because after one month the same ordeal of “Sequestration and Deficit reduction” will start again, sending market into tailwind.

The outcome was a stellar opening to the new year.

I made following purchases in last three months –

FB at $25.5

LEN at $37.5

URI bought at $38 and sold at $47.5

WYNN at $117

ARUN at $19 and sold at $22.6

BAC at $10.3

HD at $62.3

EBAY at $51

WLK at $75.1 and at $78.9

NOV at $67.5

ASGN at $21.4

DG at $42.9 (this was initially bought at $49.1)

Lastly I bought doubled AAPL at $501.

I will delve deeper about all these transactions as soon as Stern and McCombs apps are out of the way. Following are the returns in my real portfolio which is in excess of $100K.


I also plan on writing about the best and worst trades of 2012. So keep watching.