Portfolio as of 7/28/2012

I have been expanding my foot print slowly but steadily. Portfolio as of 7/16/2012.
Cash = 30%

STX = 3% (Might add more depending on OCZ acquisition and today’s results). Why Did I buy?

EMC = 4% (Expect it to reach $29.5) . Reasons of purchase.

AAPL = 4% (Set more buy @ $569)

WDC = 6% (Expect it to reach $49.5) Why Did I buy?

QCOM=5% (Expect it to reach $69, if it stays over $59 for few more days) Why Did I buy?

APA=6% (Expect it to reach $119) Reasons

HAL =5% (Expect it to reach $40) Reasons

UA=3% (Set additional buys @ $54.9) Reasons of purchase.

SCSS=2% (Set additional buys at $25.9) Reasons of purchase.

SWKS=4% (Will add more at $25.9) Reasons of purchase.

EQIX=5% Reasons of purchase.


ALXN=6% Reasons

FFIV =3% (In Red) Reasons

F=5% (In Red)



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