Short SCSS and long EMC but with a grain of salt.

Why Grain of Salt – Market turns around at a flip of coin, so be ware. Moreover we have earnings for both stocks coming up in next few days and earnings can be detrimental;)

First let’s look at SCSS –

Even though the fundamentals look strong, so did the fundamentals of TPX before it went from 85 to 25. It’s not about sleep number or Temparapedic (can’t even spell it). This stock has bumper resistance till it crosses 25.5, so set a stop at 25.7.

12 Hours after the post – “what a miss”

Now let’s look at EMC. –

This is a company that is in midst of social media revolution. It owns VMW and is leader in Cloud. You can’t discount it’s role in data storage.

So in short if you can buy now and double at 20.5 with stop at 19.1 then you are looking at atleast 7:1 profit to loss ratio.

24 Hour after the post – Entered at $22.9