Returns 2012,Q1

It’s time for numbers. We are going to look at 2012 Quarter 1 Performance. Following are the some standard model portfolios from here, that are generally used as benchmark.

I have three stock accounts, two of them are leveraged –

Interactive Brokers – In this account I own High growth stocks.

Stocks that I own here are – FFIV, AAPL, PCLN, SCSS, SXCI, CLR, RHT and URI.

TD AMeritrade – I own mid term to long term stocks such as STX, HLF, WDC, ALLT, WLL and GNC in this account. Intial idea was to have this as long term only account but cash crunch in the other account (IB) forced me to use this expensive account. I also own some funds such as YACKX, GHAAX, PRPFX and HSCSX. I think if the fees and interest of this account were same as IB (above), the performance would have been a tad better. This is also a leveraged account.

Lastly, let’s look at Fidelity – I own long term stocks here such as F, QCOM and APA. I own some funds as well such as FSCRX and FAGIX in this account. I might add some more APA once it crosses 105$. This will do better once Ford and APA start moving in right direction.

Overall all the above mentioned accounts have in combination generated returns of 27-30% in first quarter. It seems that I have done pretty well and I hope to continue such performance in future.


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