Top 10% stocks of 2012 Q1

The following stocks have been filtered on basis of following Criteria –

  1. Last three month returns in top 10%.
  2. Price Above 50 DMA.
  3. Prica Above 200 DMA
  4. 20 Day Average Volume > 150000
  5. Earnings Latest Quarter > 0
  6. Price > 10
  7. Price is within 20% of 52 Week High.
  8. Market Cap > 200 Million

The one’s flagged are currently part of my portfolio. Stocks that are highlighted in green were part of my portfolio in last three months. And the stocks highlighted in blue are the ones that I am eyeing. Most of these “featured” companies have outstanding earnings/revenue growth  such as LULU, TPX, INFA, EMC, AAPL, etc. Some of these companies might continue to rally for next 6-12 months depending on market.